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Qingdao Easy Best Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was funded by Easy Best International Holdings Limited in 2005, a manufacture of Italian Gelato machines and equipment in China. Integrated Italian innovative technology with original import compressors from Europe, we provide full range of high-quality gelato machines and soft gelato machines, and selling into the markets in Europe and Asia. Focusing on medium to high-end customers, we devote ourselves to the customers with professional solutions and after-sales service. Our factory located in Qingdao, China, the main products are Gelato machines, ice cream machines etc. equipment, with integrated European refrigeration technology and imported European compressors on our machines, we devoted ourselves to the customers with our Gelato solutions and services. We focus on our machines’ development and improvement; now we have 10 different ranges of products; in particular, about 30 different models of Gelato machines, ice cream machines and pasteurizers. Our sales and market team are ready to provide you with our service and cost-effective proposal for your business plan.

The famous "sweet milk" typical of Argentina, is produced and packaged by the Sbaraglia family in Spoltore If you try, you can not do without it anymore. We are talking about Delixia, the brand-new milk cake produced in the Spoltore company by the Sbaraglia family. But let's start from the beginning. Milk Caramel DeliXia® is made in Italy and it is a spreadable cream with a surprisingly unique taste. Our product contains 4% fat which is less than any other similar dessert; for example those made from hazelnut and cocoa or the American peanut butter containing 31% and 50% fat respectively. Unlike the traditional dulce de leche, Milk Caramel DeliXia® is coeliac-friendly and suitable for the lactose intolerants, moreover it leaves unchanged the protein components and, because of the presence of sucrose, it is the ideal food to start the day with an energy boost. Thanks to its versatility, milk caramel is the ingredient chosen by the best pastry chefs to garnish cakes, ice cream and fruit. Perfect for cakes or muffins, delicious with ice cream or bananas, our product is unsurpassable as a crepes filler and it can be even eaten just with a spoon. Thanks to the extreme care in choosing and selecting the raw materials for the production of milk caramel and because of the scrupulous monitoring of the entire production, DeliXia® gives the maximum guarantee of excellence and food security: these absolutely necessary requirements are indispensable to create a superior product, worthy of the most demanding markets, such as the italian one.

Qingdao Clabo Easy Best Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd. ,a dynamic Italian-founded company, set up in 2005 and in 2013 entered Chinese market. We are devoted to the research and development of equipment of Gelato and semifredo and well-prepared to provide exclusive solution to every partner with dessert dreams. Adopted Italian advanced refrigerating technology, quality components and modern appearance design, all products are produced in complying with international standards, and approved by CE,CCC and ROSH,ETL,ETLSANITATION of US and Canada and ISO900. We boasts over 30 appearance patents. All of these provide sound foundation for exploring domestic and international markets including Europe, Southeast Asia, South and North America. With respect to features of Chinese market, we offer the exclusive services as follows: 1. Store design with unique features and solution for opening new stores; 2. Personalized show case with customized LOGO; 3. 12 months free after-sale service We are pursuing quality products, consistent quality and considerate service while be keen to market demand. With ever-changing science and technology, we, paying equal emphasis on preciseness and romance, will offer you a brand new lifestyle. EasyBest, a company full of vigor and vitality, is happy to join hands with you to a bright future.

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